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Shunde Foshan Zhonghui Packing Co., Ltd.

-Focus on packaging for 25 years-


Shunde Daliang Foshan Zhonghui Packing Co., Ltd.Founded in 1992, the company specializes in producing all kinds of pharmaceutical flexible packaging and various types of cosmetics, food, industrial supplies and blister packaging products, a wide range of products.




To companies in the pharmaceutical enterprises GMP transformation, in order to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises and food hygiene standards, according to the State Food and drug packaging GMP specification requirements to clean factory building, designed according to high standards, landscape garden factory area reached 48%. Workshop in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of medicine of the one hundred thousand levels of purification matching settings, with advanced equipment, production management, GMP specifications, quality and quantity requirements.


The company with technology innovation, quality first, honest and innovative spirit, according to the special requirements of customers packaging development and production, with a good reputation, first-class environment, management, technology, service and reasonable price, customer service. The spirit of "product quality, hospitality by honest, mutually beneficial cooperation," the purpose of passion for all customer service.



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